FAQ Frequently Asked Questions



What is a GearTag?
The GearTag is a new asset tag to help you keep track of your gear and other valuables.
What makes a GearTag different?
GearTags make it easier to tag your gear and have it safely returned to you. Unlike existing asset tags, or simply writing you name or phone number on an item - you can maintain your privacy. No sensitive personal information is ever displayed on the tag.
What are GearTags made from?
Tags are made from teslin - which is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled.
How long will a GearTag last?
GearTags are very durable and scratch-resistant and waterproof. Barcodes are protected with a laminate and should be readable for years. GearTags carry a 5 year warranty. If the barcode can no longer be read within that period, we will replace the tag FREE OF CHARGE.


What are membership costs?
Becoming a member is FREE. There are no subscription costs regardless of how many tags you have registered.
Can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account at any time. At that time, all registered tags will also be deleted from our records.

Getting Tags

How much do tags cost?
The list price for a pack of 5 tags is $24.95. Each pack of tags also includes split rings, elastic loops and adhesive privacy tabs.
Are GearTags available everywhere?
Not yet. Currently, GearTags are available only withint the United States. The GearTag Pro is available for pre-order worldwide.
Where can I purchase GearTags?
You can purchase tags directly from us through our online store, or though major retailers such as Amazon.com.
Are there bulk discounts?
Yes. The more GearTags you purchase the larger the discount. If you are a company or organization interested in a bulk purchase, please contact our sales team directly at sales@geartag.com
Can we order a custom tag?
Yes. If you are interested in your own custom tag, please contact our sales team directly at sales@geartag.com


How do I register a tag?
To register a GearTag, sign up for a FREE membership account using any computer, tablet or smartphone with a standard web browser. Once signed up, use your smartphone to scan the tag or enter the unique code manually. That's all there is to it!
Do I need a smartphone?
Although using a smartphone to scan the tag's barcode is much faster and less error-prone, you do not need a smartphone. You can enter the required tag code manually.
Do I need a special app?
If you are using a smartphone to scan the tag barcode, all you need is an app that can scan barcodes. There are many available, and many are available for free. Scanning the tag will open a standard web browser on your smartphone.


Can I edit/delete a tag registered to my account?
Yes. Your tags can be edited or deleted at any time. You can take a tag off one piece of gear and move it to another.
Can I transfer a tag to someone else?
Yes. Because your tags contain my personal information on them, you can transfer them to family, friends or if you sell your gear to someone else.

Lost Gear

What do I do if I lose something that was tagged?
If you lose gear that is already tagged, visit our website and report it as lost/stolen. This alert allows someone who may have found your gear to report it as found.
What happens if someone finds my tagged gear?
If someone finds your gear and reports the find to us, we will notify you via email immediately. If they have provided contact information and wish to share it with you, we will provide that information. If they wish to remain anonymous, we still provide a method to contact them.
Do I have to pay the for item to be returned to me?
Our service puts you in touch with the finder. It does not include shipping costs associated with return on the item. Most lost items are within your own neighborhood or close to your workplace. As such, it is usually faster and more convenient to arrange a meeting place with the finder or a drop off location.

GearTag Pro


What is the GearTag Pro?

The GearTag Pro is a wireless tag that includes all the benefits of standard GearTags but adds wireless functionality. The Pro uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to pair with a smartphone. Using a smartphone, you can page a tag which will respond with a buzzer and flashing LED - very handy for finding your things quickly.


What kind of smarthphone do I need?
The GearTag Pro works using Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth 4) which is integrated in most new smartphones on the market.
Is a special app required?
Yes. A companion GearTag app is required to operate the tag and will be available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.


What is the range of the tag?
The tag has an approximate range of 100 feet.
What is the size of the tag?
The tag is approxitely 60mm x 40mm x 5mm.
How long does the battery last?
The tag operates on a single coin cell battery, which should operate the tag for 1 year. The battery may be replaced by the user.

Cost & Availability

How much does the GearTag Pro cost?
The current list price is US$24.95 for a single tag.
When will the GearTag Pro be available?

Our team is currently working hard on development and testing. Our goal is to have it widely available by the Q4 2014. Beta testers will have the latest version before then, and all pre-orders will be fulfilled before wider shipping.